Kathia Bucho



Kathia Bucho is a Contemporary Jewellery Designer and Maker based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Drawn to the simplicity and elegance of clean lines, Kathia shifts between mechanical structures and geometric shapes that were extracted from their existing urban environment, introducing unexpected details intended to produce ergonomic art form, “wearable” sculptures for the human body.

From traditional metalwork manipulation to 3D printing, from classical Sterling silver craftsmanship to the use of rubber, nylon or plastic, Kathia explores and shapes her universe into pieces that reveal a truly independent artistic vision. “I doubt I will ever stick to any particular material or style. I want to feel free to experiment with my work, to enjoy myself, without boundaries.”

Kathia studied Contemporary Jewellery at Contacto Directo School. In 2017 Kathia completes the Art Jewellery course in Lisbon Jewelry Center ( CJLX ). During graduation she obtained the jewellery manufacturer puncture of the Portuguese Mint, worked for a portfolio and had a desire to ‘physically’ create and launch the brand in 2016.


City Affairs

Is a reflection of our relationship with the cities we inhabit. It reveals modular and hard-edged forms, representing the architectural context and textures which suggest the concrete and the sparkling night lights. This collection reflects allegorical representations of negative vs positive and the vibrant energy of an urban environment.


Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa (by appointment)
Rua João Saraiva 28 RC
1700-250 Alvalade | Lisboa
+351 912 264 881

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